Stout Field

Client: Indiana National Guard

Project: Joint Force Headquarters Add./Alt. Stout Field

Budget: $5,000,000.00

Completed:  March 2015

Details: Indiana National Guard’s Joint Force Headquarters two-level addition and remodel consolidates the operations of several Joint Force divisions.

This facility assumes operational control of all assigned military units ordered to support contingency operations, and coordinates situational awareness and resource requirements with combatant commanders. It is also responsible for providing situational awareness and common operating picture information to national level headquarters before and during contingency operations. In addition, it is responsible for providing joint reception, staging, onward movement, and integration of all inbound forces. The Indiana National Guard is a joint-force organization with 65 Army National Guard installations around the state. As of January 2015, the combined force numbers are approximately 14,160. The Joint Forces Headquarters is located at Stout Field on the west side of Indianapolis.

This project was a crucial resource to provide the highest quality of the National Guards day to day operations both locally and worldwide. The architecture combined both the conservation of historical appearance required by the National Guard along with state of architecture and engineering. An average of 20 electricians were employed on this project alone for nearly 18 months.