Trucking Facility Laredo, Texas

Client: Celadon

Project: Celadon Trucking Terminal

Budget: $2,500,000.00

Completed:  February 2017

Details: This project provided Celadon’s customers with additional resources just north of the border in south Texas that will facilitate the movement of goods to and from Laredo, Texas into Mexico, as well as shipments within Mexico. Celadon plans to move more than 1,400 trailers to the Laredo facility, where they will be slated for intra-Mexico shipments, freight bound for Laredo, and shipments to terminals throughout Mexico. The facility will make it easier to transport northbound shipments to Laredo from any point in Mexico. Celadon also built 13,000 square feet of dormitories and driver’s amenities to provide a comfortable stay (Image 7) for their driver’s between scheduled routes. The growth of transportation abilities in this area will lead to more jobs in the trucking industry in the Laredo area. The increased movement of goods is beneficial for businesses, employment, and income to the city of Laredo.