Caito Foods Fresh Kitchen Facility

Client: Caito Foods

Project: Caito Foods Fresh Kitchen Facility

Budget: $2,500,000.00

Completed:  March 2017

Details: Caito Foods expanded their Indianapolis operations with a new 117,500 square foot Commissary Fresh Kitchen facility. This facility has allowed Caito Foods to support the company’s growth and allow better service to its grocery, restaurant, and food service clients. The state-of-the-art, technologically advanced Commissary Fresh Kitchen facility is the largest of its kind in the Midwest. Employees at this new location process, prepare and package fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and protein-based foods. Employees will also cook, prepare and package meals for immediate fresh distribution. These services will support the capacity, deliver quality, and ready to eat products to the growing customer demands within this marketplace. This new highly engineered and constructed project is anticipated to allow Caito Foods to create up to 340 additional jobs by 2019.

The final electrical installation included (2) 2,500 amp services, over 600 equipment connections for equipment, conveyor system, kitchen hoods and exhaust, and fork lift charging stations. The electrical installation required multiple procedures depending on the area of the building. The challenge was to ensure the correct materials were used in the chemical rooms, refrigeration areas, freezer areas, and USDA food packaging areas. Material used in the building ranged from PVC conduit to USDA approved stainless steel conduits and boxes. Our design team and field superintendent also had to ensure that any penetrations passing through areas of temperature differences were properly sealed with in the conduits and boxes and around the penetration. Failure in properly designing and installing would cause condensation build up that would also compromise Caito’s products.