Elevate Office – Brownsburg

Client: Brownsburg Office Suites, LLC

Project: Elevate Office – Brownsburg

Budget: $650,000.00

Completed:  March 2018

Details: Elevate Office, Brownsburg was designed and constructed as a design build project. The collaboration of all team members from the design phase through the completion of construction was a critical part of this project’s success. The Construction Management group, Envoy Construction, was instrumental in coordinating the necessary meetings, collection, and distribution of information that lead to a successful project.

The utility infrastructure was not limited to Elevate Office. Approximately 1,000 feet of conduit was installed in a duct bank to provide power and communications to Elevate Office and placed for use in two separate locations for future developments. The interior power distribution was designed to provide each tenant’s office with dedicated power and communications not shared with other tenants. Each office was supplied with a dedicated circuit for receptacles and dedicated circuit for individual office HVAC. A third of all offices was provided with 2 additional circuits necessary for potential salons.

Interior and exterior lighting controls were integrated into the building management system to maximize energy efficiency. Individual offices were designed with daylight harvesting, vacancy sensors. Interior corridor and common space lighting is controlled by a combination of occupancy sensors and building management system programmed controls.

There was a large emphasis on the selection of modern architectural interior lighting design. JBI worked in conjunction with the interior designer to select unique lighting and coordinate the desired location and mounting with all other trades.

We used off site pre-fabrication for receptacle installation in all 110 offices. This allowed for time saving installation of the electrical power in 90% of the building. We performed the design and installation for lighting, power, communications cabling, security cameras, access control, wireless communications, audio visual, full building sound system, and fire alarm.