IFD Credit Union and Offices

Client: Firefighters Credit Union

Project: Firefighters Credit Union Main Office

Budget: $250,000.00

Duration:  November 2015–August 2016

Details: Firefighters Credit Union was organized in 1956 at a meeting in downtown Indianapolis. This collaboration of firefighters and their families created a feasible way for them to meet their financial needs. The credit union has become a full-service financial institution since 1956. It was and continues to be member-owned and controlled.

The new location, on Massachusetts Avenue, is only a few blocks away from the old office. It is joined with the Firefighters Museum and Union Hall. It was important to the owners that they stay in the Mass Ave historic district, close to home. The Credit Union is a part of the continual growth and redevelopment of Mass Avenue. The building’s architecture and location was approved by The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission