Scott County Jail

Client: Scott County

Project: Scott County Jail

Details: Scott County in Indiana settled in 1804.  The new court house and jail were constructed in Scottsburg in 1874.  In 2015, after 10 years on planning the Scott County Jail has been expanded and upgraded.  There was a detrimental need for a larger building with more cells and updated security.  The existing jail is continuously overcrowded, creating a space and monetary concern, making it necessary for inmates to be transferred to different facilities.  The new addition provides approximately three hundred additional beds for inmates and a new state of the art security system for both the addition and existing jail.

There were various obstacles to complete this project, including the rigorous schedule. The schedule was delayed by six months due to soil and budgetary concerns. Once the project reengaged, we had to relocate the underground utilities to allow for the new jail cell addition, including the main power, communication, and phone system. We also had to keep the facility fully functional 24 hours a day while working alongside inmates. We had to use a crane to set the generator and complete the electrical room with communication equipment.

The new state of the art security system was installed to monitor the inmates in the old building and new addition. The touchscreen computers will create a better and more efficient way of opening and closing doors and using video monitors for overall security with the control room. This addition of cells and security required hiring two new jailers.