Sun King Spirits

Client: Sun King Brewery and Old Town Development

Project: Sun King Spirits

Budget: $300,000.00

Completed:  May 2018

Details: Sun King was founded in downtown Indianapolis in 2009. Sun King Brewing Co and Old Time Development worked together to open Sun King Spirits in Carmel, Indiana. JBI was awarded the electrical, communications, and fire alarm contract for this newly constructed distillery. The project started in November of 2017 and was completed by May of 2018. This fast-paced schedule of construction was achieved with the skills and knowledge of 3 employees with 15, 10, and 5 years’ experience.

Sun King Spirits is Sun King’s first distillery. They wanted their customers to have the best experience possible. We worked with the owners and engineer on value engineering options for lighting, feeders, and branch circuits that saved the owners significantly in construction costs. The open floor plan of the distillery makes it accessible and provides the space to seat as many people as possible. JBI provided power to MEP and food service equipment.